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Email and opt in advertising has taken the online world by storm. Safelists use opt-in membership based lists that allow you to send and receive emails from other members of that list. Safelist email advertising can be an effective way to propel quality website traffic to your website. The one thing to keep in mind when signing up for safelists is to make sure that you use an email account that is constantly available. Safelists are one of many email advertising methods used by professional email marketers around the globe. Safe and spam free are key things to look into before joining a safelist. High volumes of email will result from joining safelists so you need to have a reliable email provider. Many of the technologies for today will verify to make sure that your email has not quot;bounced" back to the website that you agreed to receive promotions from. A quality safelist company is very important!

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Spam free email advertising has been growing over the past 10 years. New marketers look for safe methods of promoting their websites online. Join our FREE Safelist Email Marketing System! Staying off of the spam lists is a key factor in your email marketing quest. If you are black listed or have your IP address labeled as a spammer your internet service provider may very well cut your email privileges. To stay spam free with our emails you will need to add Opt-out tags to be inserted in any email you send. This "spam tag" is now required by the can spam act and requires that the email tag include an opt-out link, name, and address of the company or business that is sending the email. In the event of being accused of a spammer a webmaster must provide his or her I.S.P. with a valid opt-in list that includes email and dates of the members sign up. If you have purchased an email list that contains email addresses of individuals that have never signed up or agreed to receive emails from you then you are sending spam according to the tough new can spam act laws.

Email advertising is an effective tool in the battle for website hits and sales.

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We would suggest to those that are not involved with safelist programs to join in!

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