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* Want to get more signups for your newsletter, ezine, downline club, optin list

* Want to make more sales for that special product or service you are offering or, get more paying members for that new program you just joined

Write an article and submit it...

But I cant write a lick, you say.

Well, read on because Im going to show you how you can write an article easily and quickly.

Pick a subject you know something about and research it...

Dont try to copy what others are doing. The way you become well-known on the net is to become an authority on a particular subject.

So choose a subject you know a lot about, read up all you can about that subject so you have the latest info at hand, and then start writing.

Make sure its a subject youre passionate about.

Passion or enthusiasm is infectious. It has a way of drawing others into the story, capturing their imagination and igniting excitement in your readers.

Your article or story should be potent enough to motivate your readers to take action.

Keep it a la natural...

Write the way you talk. Imagine you are sitting next to your uncle or aunt and you are trying to explain to them what it is that excites you.

Try to use plain English minus the froth and bubble. People respond more easily and quickly to genuine feelings and thoughts than they do to hype and an over use of adjectives.

The more natural you are when you write, the more ordinary people will be able to identify themselves with you and your topic.

Weave the story...

Every subject or topic has a story woven into its fabric. Your task is to extract the story and then tell it in your own words.

Next construct the framework for telling the story clearly and concisely. To do this ask yourself these questions.

  • What does the story mean to me
  • How does this story affect my life
  • What does it make me think about
  • What feelings rise up as I think about it
  • Why do others need to hear this story

What you are doing here is mining the essence of the story so you can impart its wisdom to your readers in way that will affect them positively.

Sub it...

Once you have the broad idea for your story. Write it down. Then go through it a number of times with a fine tooth comb and pick out 4-5 places where you can insert a sub-heading.

Sub heads grab the readers attention and draw them into the next part of the story.

This will also tell you whether your story has continuity. Does it make you want to read the next paragraph.

Publish it...

Once you have your story written, researched it so its factually accurate, told it in plain English, woven your enthusiasm throughout it and youre happy with the finished product...


Get it out there. Send to ezine owners who are looking for good articles to use in their ezines. There are thousands of publishers on the web who constantly search for good articles to share with their readers.

Here are a few good places that may publish your finished work and they are free...

And the point is...

Dont be afraid to write an article or submit it. If its accepted and gets published you could see a sudden influx of new readers and buyers fast.

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