Irresistible Click-Me Tools for Marketing

Dorian Greer

Never mind the irritating, but effective, pop-up window. There is another type of interruption advertising that is much more subtle, much less annoying, and just as effective.

It is the negative interruption.

A negative interruption is when an expected pattern is removed or "restrained" from an expectation causing a noticeable non conformity.

Ill give an example, and then Ill show you. And Ill bet you a buck youll want to use it for yourself. Here goes:

Youre viewing a web page and you scroll down a bit to see more. But a small image off to the side, instead of moving "with" the page, "stays" in the same relative position.

It doesnt move, while everything else moves. It doesnt conform, thereby causing a persistent interruption, forcing you to notice its quaint existence until you act on it. Its like a child that just stands there and stares at you until you respond.

I am in the act of witnessing a marvelous phenomenon, as people not only just "have to have one" but Im watching the results grow daily. Let me give you two examples, so you wont think Im pulling your coat tails.

By the way, neither of these is mine. Im just a monkey in the middle watching this unfold like the crazy magic I told you so. In one of these youll be able to see with your own eyes how effective it is.

First is the "Instant Buzz" plug-in/ad-delivery system. Its free, and highly contagious. Youll likely get this from a small floating window that cant be ignored, though you can dismiss it with a click.

It works so well, that in the last two days Ive seen a mushroom of new subscribers to it. Its a truly beautiful and contagious and viral method of getting your ad to potentially thousands yourself. Take a look:

Now, what if you could use this very viral, persistent negative interruption method with YOUR OWN message, going to your own ad And what if you didnt have to share this technology with others And what if you didnt have to sign-on!

You can. And heres the second tool.

It is a persistent child with many faces and many locations, and you can edit with any message you want. And you can include with it any picture you want.

And you can include a "hide me" button, or you can make it appear only on the first page view, or every X duration of time, etc. And you can open it to a pop up or a new page, or in the same window, if you want to.

In short, you control every aspect about its presentation to your prospect AND you can make it viral because its code is in the HTML of the page. Or, you can refer the code like a site-wide CSS sheet that would be off-page, if you wanted to do that instead. Its versatility is phenomenal.

Heres a live example: http://www.seducingthebuyer/Persistent/example-1.htm

As you can see, the skys the limit with your imagination and creativity. But most importantly, you can have the power of the pop-up without the annoying side effects. Now, isnt that a gift worth respecting your customers with

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