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PhP TrafficDX - Paid To Auto / Manual Surf Traffic Exchange System

Paid to Click and Paid to Surf - Convert credits to cash and much more....

This script is continuously being updated with NEW features.


Member's Section

  • Online Help Guide for all Member Areas
  • Use Auto or Manual Surf Modes (or both)
  • Allocate Auto and/or Manual Credits to Sites
  • Auto Surfers see only Sites with Auto Credits
  • Manual Surfers see only Sites with Manual Credits
  • Well Designed and Accurate Auto/Manual Surf Bars
  • Separate Timer Settings for Auto/Manual Surfers
  • Transfer Credits from Auto to Manual... or Vice-Versa
  • Members can Report Sites that are not Acceptable
  • Members can Edit own Profile and Site URL's
  • Add "x" Amount of URLs - Set by Membership Level
  • Buy/Sell credits to/from Admin and/or other Members
  • Payment Request link for Members Cash Earned
  • View Earned Cash Withdrawal History Log
  • View Weekly Sites Shown/Credits Earned Statistics
  • View Downline Levels and Referral Benefits
  • View Downline Levels and Referral Statistics
  • Buy Credits, Banner, Text, or Paid to Click Ads
  • View Banner, Text, or Paid to Click Ad Statistics
  • Member gets credit(s) for each "Unique Visit" to their Referral URL (Turned on or off by admin)
  • Member Referral Banners complete with Links
  • Member Auto and Manual Surf Start Page Links
  • Referral Earnings from up to 10 Downline Levels
  • Earn Credits and/or Cash by Visiting other Sites
  • Earn Credits and/or Cash from Paid to Click Ads
  • Earn Cash Surfing "x" number sites in 24 hr period
  • Win Free Bonus Credits for Surfing "x" number sites
  • Win Credits and/or Cash in Jackpot Slots Game
  • Win Cash in Balloon, Heads or Tails, and Match Games (optional game modules)
  • Choose any category to surf and where user wants their site to show on. (optional category module)

Administrator's Section

  • Online Help Guide for all Admin Sections
  • Site can be Fully Customized from Admin Area
  • Easy Installation and Upgrade Scripts Included
  • View Sites Shown and Credits Earned Statistics
  • View Transaction Log for all Cash Transactions
  • Setup as Auto, Manual, Paid to Surf, Paid to Click
  • Set up to 10 Referral Downline Levels for Members
  • Create Unlimited Membership Level Packages
  • Create Unlimited Member Credits Packages
  • Create Unlimited Member Banner/Text Ad Packages
  • Create Unlimited Member Paid to Click Ad Packages
  • Create Unlimited Admin Banners or Text Ad Views
  • Banner and Text Ads will Automatically Expire
  • Upgraded Membership Levels Automatically Expire
  • Easy Approval or Disapproval of All New Sites
  • Easily Suspend or Re-Activate any Member Account
  • All New Sites and Abuse Reports are Shown at Login
  • Browse All Sites or Fuzzy Search for specific ones
  • Browse All Users or Fuzzy Search for specific ones
  • Easily Edit, Enable, Suspend or Delete Sites
  • Easily Edit, Validate, Delete or Suspend Members
  • Easily Manage All Member Banner and Text Ads
  • Easily Manage All Member Paid To Click Ads
  • Easily Edit Main and Member Area Page Templates
  • Easily Setup and Edit your Site's FAQ Page
  • Easily Upload Referral Banners for Member to use
  • View All Members Cash Withdrawal Requests
  • Select Member/Site Stats to show on Main Page
  • HTML E-mails to All Members, Paid, or Free Members
  • Add Bonus Credits to All Member Accounts at once
  • Require to Surf "x" number sites for Sign-up Bonuses
  • Easy Management of All the System Settings
  • Easy Management of All the Optional Modules
  • Easily Backup and Restore Site's Database
  • Easily Block New Sign-ups by E-mail or IP Address
  • Script is Frequently Updated with Great New Features
  • Setup Paypal, Stormpay or ANY payment processors
  • Optional Payment Modules allow Auto Credit of Member Deposits (optional pay module)
System Requirements:
  • Unix Compatible Web Server
  • PHP and one MySQL 3.22.04+ Database
  • PHP GD Module - for Turning numbers to show.
  • Scripts can be installed in Root Directory, Sub-Directories, or on Sub-Domains
  • Game Modules,Extra Payment And Category Modules Are Sold Seperately
  • Works With Our Economy Hosting Packages!
Working Demo:

Main Page (you may join and test the script, then you may delete yourself) - Click Here

ADMIN Area - Click Here
[Username: test :: password: test]

Please Note: When you are done with viewing the features and testing the demo site, please CLOSE THIS WINDOW