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Nothing draws in customers better than a great looking banner ad. Visual images have shown to be a very effective way to advertise your products online. Many websites today now include banner advertising. We for instance run a free and paid for banner exchange called Web Banner Exchange . Our system allows you to place your banner ads on 1000's of website pages instantly! Size 468 X 60 Banner ads are now being accepted. Our banner advertising is extremely affordable and better yet covers a wide variety of websites. Our banner exchange sets up easily on your website by copying and pasting a small bit code into your web page and voila! You will be off on earning a lifetime of free banner advertising for your website.

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Web banner ads has been around since the web was born. These little visual representations or a glimpse of the website might be like or what type of content may be on the site. This is where banner advertising is one key strategy in building website traffic and gaining new potential customers to your website. Most banner ads have small .gif or .jpg or .bmp types of extensions. Growing in popularity are .gif animated graphic banner ads that are extremely useful in driving customers to your website.

Each day millions of people use the internet. To have a fraction of those users see your website can result in huge flows of website traffic. Banner ads can also be considered premier advertising on the web because of the graphic and animated images that are associated with them. The click through rate is also much higher on banner ads versus conventional text advertising.

Many major websites cost an arm and a leg to advertise! My suggestion is to look for many of the free banner exchanges and start with promoting there. This should assist in saving money while advertising online.

We have comprised a list of what we feel are your best options for gaining great banner ad exposure!

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