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Text ad marketing and advertising plays an important role in driving new potential customers to your website and online promotion . Many factors go into website development and website promoting it is extremely important in placing the right type of links and text ads on websites that you feel may bring new customers to your site. Text advertisements come in many shapes and forms. The key factors in text ad placement is how relative is the website you are placing the add on. For example. If you are selling oranges online then you wouldn't necessarily want to place an add on a computer hardware website unless you are trying to target that specific market online. Good placement in combination with proper url listings and quality anchor tags is essential for a text ad campaign that works!

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Text Ad Selection Of Placement

Choosing which websites to place your text ads on is one of the biggest decisions that a webmaster has to make. Obviously you are trying to establish a business online and you are seeking methods to increase your website traffic. Placement of text links can generate not only click through visitors but also can assist with your page rank on many of today's bigger search engines.

Text advertising is an effective tool in the battle for website hits, traffic and sales.

Anchor Tags And Correct URL Listing

When composing your text ads you need to have a good anchor tag. Think of an anchor tag as nothing more then the search term you are trying to rank for. So if you are trying to rank higher for Web Traffic Promotions you would want these text adds anchor text to be "web traffic promotions" and include the full url in your target link so that it will appear like this http://www.webtrafficpromotions.com/. This will make spiders read you anchor tag read your key words and then associate your keywords with your anchor tag and also insure that your link will easily direct the traffic to your website. This is just another method that SEO professionals use to boost PR and gain website traffic from the engines.

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